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    1. 走進中泰
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      1、 Our business philosophy:
      Top-quality products; the most professional technologies; the most excellent talents; price with the most marketing challenges .

      2、 Our business tenet:
      You-centered; your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit; win your affirmation with our sincerity; create glories for you with our professions.

      3、 Our business policy:
      Start businesses with specialization to meet users’ needs; win with superior quality to build competitive light industry; treat everyone with all sincerity to provide high-quality services.

      4、 Our enterprise spirit:
      Unite: gather growth impetus; innovation: strength for sustainable development; integrity: basis for our survival; mutual benefits: our operation values.

      5、 Our business objective:
      Insist in first-rate management; produce classic products; provide tip top services; create first-grade enterprise.